Robot based deposition of WC-Co HVOF Coatings on HSS Cutting Tools as a Substitution for Solid Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools

Tillmann, W.1, a; Schaak, C.1, b; Biermann, D.2, c; Aßmuth, R.2, d; Goeke, S.2, e

Lehrstuhl für Werkstofftechnologie LWT, Technische Universität Dortmund, Leonhard-Euler-Str. 2, 44227 Dortmund
Institut für Spanende Fertigung, Technische Universität Dortmund, Baroper Str. 303, 44227 Dortmund

a); b); c); d); e)


In the paper, an alternative method to substitute solid cemented carbide cutting tools is presented. Cutting tools made of conventional high speed steels are coated with thick WC-Co layers by means of thermal spraying (HVOF). The challenge is to obtain a dense, homogenous, and near-net-shape coating on the flanks and the cutting edge. For this purpose, different coating strategies are realized using an industrial robot. The coating properties are subsequently investigated. After this initial step, the surfaces of the cutting tools are ground and selected cutting edges are prepared by means of wet abrasive jet machining to achieve a smooth and round micro shape. Machining tests are conducted with these coated, ground and prepared cutting tools.


Cutting tools, WC-Co HVOF, tool preparation


In: Tagungsband zum 19. Werkstofftechnischen Kolloquium, Chemnitz, 2017, S. 119-128, ISSN 1439-1597