Untersuchungen zum Bohren von Magnesiummatrix-Verbundwerkstoffen

(Dissertation, Universit├Ąt Dortmund, Vulkan Verlag, Essen, 2003, ISBN 3-8027-8719-6)

Liedschulte, M.

Important technical innovations are only possible by using new materials. The material science is highly engaged in the optimisation of material properties and its adaption to individual demands of technical parts. Parallel to this optimisation many times the properties concerning manufacturing were deteriorated. For an economic and safe production process of parts the dependance between modern materials and cutting materials has to be analysed and understand. Based on this knowledge additional steps of optimisation could be made for achieving a higher efficiency.

This report describes for the group of magnesium based composites the first comprehensive investigations in machining. Because of their composition consisting of a magnesium matrix and ceramical fibres or particles a high tool wear occurs during machining. For the analysation of the relevant tool wear mechanisms quick-stop and SEM-tests were made. In fundamental machining tests the suitability of cutting materials and coatings were evaluated by criterion tool wear. With appropriate cutting materials tests were made by variation of cutting speed and feed rate. Additional investigations were made for analysing the relationship between tool wear and the composite properties e.g. amount of reinforcements, typ and geometry. Besides tool wear the mechanical tool stress and the achieved qualities of the drill holes depending on process parameters were presented.

Published as

Dissertation, Universit├Ąt Dortmund, Vulkan Verlag, Essen, 2003, ISBN 3-8027-8719-6