Prozessgestaltung bei der spanenden Bearbeitung von kurzfaserverstärkten Magnesiumlegierungen

Lange, M.

Improved high temperature performance has been a major goal of magnesium alloy development in recent years. Reinforcing short fibres made of carbon or alumina especially improve the creep stability at higher temperatures.

Due to the composition of these alloys consisting of a soft magnesium matrix and hard fibres, the tool wear when machining can be extremely high. A process design adapted with respect to cutting tool material, tool geometry, cutting speed and feed rate leads to minimized tool wear. Milling, drilling, reaming and threading investigations were carried out. Tool wear influences the machining conditions and leads to a deterioration of component quality, especially concerning the surface integrity. This dissertation contributes to overcoming uncertainties regarding the machining of short fibre reinforced magnesium alloys currently existing among potential industrial users and thereby reducing hurdles for the introduction of this new type of material.

Published as

Dissertation, Universität Dortmund, Vulkan Verlag, Essen, 2003, ISBN 3-8027-8724-2